Schools are out, sports are not in session, and it is more challenging than ever to find fitness activities to stimulate and keep kids busy. Luckily we have a solution that can be done anywhere, from outside, to right in front of the television. The search for a kid-friendly, at home, workout is over.

Did you know exercise can make you smarter? Dynamic movement improves brain function! At Hoplite Club we focus on dynamic movement to engage both your brain and body. This type of movement requires you to be thoughtful while exercising, which results in higher brain function and increased hand eye coordination. Check out some of our favorite moves to stay fit in and out of quarantine!

Squat Floor Touch: Stand hips slightly wider than hip width distance apart. Lower yourself to a squat position. Next touch your toes in a controlled motion, then return to a normal squat and stand up. Be sure to keep your core tight throughout each exercise to engage all of your muscles.

Curtsy Lunges: Stand hip width distance apart and alternate lunging your left leg behind your right/your right leg behind your left. Similar to a normal lunge but crossing back instead of going straight back.

Plank Jacks: Get into a normal plank position on your hands or elbows, then take your feet into a jumping jack motion while planking.

Plank Leg Raises: Again, find yourself in a normal plank position on your hands or elbows, then alternate lifting a foot off the ground.

Leg-ups/kicks with Opposite Arm Reach: Hold your arms high above your head. As you take turns kicking each leg up, bring the opposite arm to the opposite foot (right to left and left to right.)

Squat Jumps: Stand hips slightly wider than hips width distance apart and go into a normal squat position. Instead of standing up from your squat, jump up straightening your legs as you go. When you get back to the ground, find yourself back to a normal squat position.

Inchworm/Plank Walk Out: Start off standing, then bring your hands to your toes. Continue to walk your hands out until you are in plank position. Once all the way out in a plank, walk your feet to your hands until you are touching your toes again. Just like an inch worm!

Fire Hydrants: Start in tabletop position on your knees with your hands underneath your shoulders. Then laterally lift your bent leg off the ground. Similar to a dog peeing on a fire hydrant...LOL.

Arm Circles: Hold your arms out to the sides in a T position. Then, circle your arms for 10 seconds. With each rep alternate the direction you rotate.

Forearm Plank Reach Out: Start in a forearm plank position on your elbows. Then, alternate an arm out straight in front of you, like you are reaching for something. As you do this, keep your core tight and try not to rock back and forth!

It’s important to be thoughtful with each movement and throughout the fitness journey. Remember to always keep the core engaged. Make sure to use controlled motions--faster is not always better. Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Stay motivated and get moving Hoplite Club!