What better way to kick off your 4th of July than with our Hoplite yogurt parfait? It is perfectly patriotic and absolutely delicious.Greek yogurt is rich in calcium and probiotics. It also contains protein, making it great for a post workout snack. In the parfait, we layer in raspberries and blueberries which are both rich in antioxidants and help to create the “red,white, and blue” look. While the word “parfait” may sound fancy, our Hoplite fam wants to show you how easy this recipe is to make--kids can join in too!

We start by layering some blueberries at the bottom of a clear glass. Next comes a spoonful of the greek yogurt and then some raspberries overtop. We continue this layering process all the way until we reach the top and then we decorate with the remaining fruit.

If desired, you can get creative with it! Add in your favorite granola or cereal--whatever you please. At Hoplite, we especially love adding in flaxseeds because they taste great and help boost the fiber content.

This parfait can be enjoyed as a breakfast item or even a snack. It is red, white, and blue—a perfect healthy treat for the holiday!